• The Venture: A Case Study of an Adventure Playground

    The Venture: a case study of an adventure playgroundexamines the long-lived success of The Venture, an adventure playground in urban Wrexham. Written by Fraser Brown, Course Leader at Leeds Metropolitan University, from conversations with Malcolm King (a founder and current manager of The Venture) and Ben Tawil (one of its former playworkers).

    Fraser has drawn from their conversations a perspective on the history of this provision and how it has remained sustainable and insights into the playwork practice that has made The Venture a place where children and young people want to be.

    Do not be misled! This book is not just about adventure playgrounds – it is essential reading for anyone who wants to ‘future proof’ play or community provision. It is small yet perfectly formed and packed with wisdom, experience, photographs and stories. It covers issues such as working within a community, funding, politics, employing staff and much more.

    This is neither a complete history of The Venture nor a biography of the people young and old who have contributed to its success. This is an examination of how the Venture has survived in difficult circumstances for over 30 years. It is about the benefits we gain as human beings in being able to shape our environment – as children and young people, members of a community, playworkers, community workers, managers, funders and politicians.

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