• Issue 58 (Winter 2021)

    We have put together this issue to highlight how opportunities for playing contribute to children’s wellbeing. The Playing for wellbeing issue includes:

    • Opening streets for play, health and wellbeing
    • Playing in an adventurous way: for wellbeing and as an antidote to anxiety – featuring a blog post written by Helen Dodd, Professor of Child Psychology at the University of Exeter
    • Protecting playtime in school for wellbeing
    • Wellbeing research with children in Wales – written by Mustafa Rasheed, a child health researcher at Swansea University
    • Winter of Wellbeing – an update from the Welsh Goverment
    • Playing into the future – how playing contributes to the Well-being of Future Generations Act
    • Summer of Play – round up of Wales wide activity
    • Children have their say on Ministerial Review of Play
    • An update on the P3 playwork qualifications.
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  • Issue 57 (Spring 2021)

    We have put together this issue to highlight the importance of good quality space for children to play outdoors. The space to play outdoors issue includes:

    • Playing outdoors: what’s policy got to do with it?
    • Child-friendly streets, towns and cities – written by Tim Gill
    • Creating inclusive spaces to play – written by Theresa Casey
    • What children say about their outdoor spaces to play
    • Playful Communities – examples of how organisations are supporting children’s play in Cardiff, Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil and Wrexham
    • Top tips – thinking sensibly about health and safety in play settings
    • Developing and managing play spaces – an overview of our new community toolkit
    • Chwarae o Safon – an update on our new Playwork Quality Assurance Framework
    • Manifesto for children’s play – our calls for the new Welsh Government.
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  • Issue 56 (Autumn 2020)

    The making play sufficiency happen issue includes:

    • Coronavirus – what children say about play according to recent research
    • Play in lockdown – a child and four teenagers share their play experiences
    • Playing out and about – examples of how play teams and organisations continue to support children’s opportunities to play across Wales
    • Collaborating locally for health and well-being – a focus on Play Wales projects to deliver neighbourhood-based play provision, including a contribution by a Play Ambassador
    • Sufficient playtimes in schools – resources to support schools to be as playful as possible
    • Making it possible to do play sufficiency – Dr Wendy Russell gives an overview of a new research study
    • Play sufficiency and the role of playworkers – how the playwork profession helps to secure enough opportunities for children to play
    • Playwork training and qualifications – an update on online learning and P3
    • Fun in the garden – a review by year 6 pupils at Tonysguboriau Primary School
    • Playday 2020 – examples of how children across Wales celebrated this year’s national day for play.
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  • issue 55 (Spring 2020)

    The play and being well issue includes:

    • Guest Editorial – written by Dr Mike Shooter, Chair of Play Wales
    • Safe places to play improves well-being – HAPPEN research
    • Playing and being well – physical and emotional well-being
    • Playworking and coronavirus – case studies from Torfaen, Cardiff and Wrexham
    • The therapeutic superpowers of play – written by Maggie Fearn, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Play Therapist
    • Fun in the garden – a new right to play storybook
    • Playwork and coronavirus – just keep learning!
    • Playful community example – outreach play sessions in Conwy.
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  • Issue 54 (Winter 2019)

    The Our right to play issue includes:

    • Play streets are awesome!
    • Give us time to socialise and chill in high school
    • Play in hospital
    • Improving our school playground
    • What is a childhood?
    • Community support and play sessions
    • Spotlight on ... Community Playscheme Playworker
    • A child’s experience of the T? Pawb Play-Work Exhibition.

    As well as:

    • Guest editorial by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland
    • What children say about play in Wales – research findings
    • Children’s views on playing out captured in national study
    • Ministerial Review of Play – an update from the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Julie Morgan AM.
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  • Issue 53 (Summer 2019)

    To celebrate Play Wales’ 21st birthday we are publishing a special additional issue of the magazine. The Child-friendly communities issue includes:

    • Guest Editorial written by Dr Jenny Wood
    • Making the case for school playtime
    • Children’s Right to Play in Wales: six years of stories and change since the commencement of the Play Sufficiency Duty – Dr Wendy Russell
    • Time, space and freedom to play – the views of children
    • A call for a child friendly approach to planning and urban design – Dinah Bornat
    • Right to play in situations of crisis – Sudeshna Chatterjee
    • Project Play – an update about our Playful Childhoods campaign
    • Playday 2019 and What happened to our 31?
    • An update from the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Julie Morgan AM
    • Playful Communities – Child Friendly Cardiff Pop Up Park.
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  • Issue 52 (Spring 2019)

    The Play in schools issue includes:

    • Time, space and permission to play in schools – including an example school play policy
    • Supporting play in schools – Torfaen and the Vale
    • Loose parts play at Mount Stuart Primary School – written by a teacher using loose parts for child-led learning
    • Play and education rights: making the links
    • Children and young people’s physical activity
    • Research: children’s right to play in schools – an overview by researchers at the University of Manchester
    • Joint statement on children’s play – key messages for schools
    • An interview with the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Julie Morgan AM
    • Teenagers need play and leisure opportunities too – written by Seren Leconte, a member of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ Advisory Panel
    • Spotlight on a Youth and Community Co-ordinator
    • Seeking learners for a new playwork qualification
    • Playful communities – lunchtime play at Ysgol Ty Ffynnon.
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  • Issue 51 (Autumn 2018)

    The Celebrating the right to play issue includes:

    • Promoting the right to play – examples from Wales
    • Children’s review of Fun in the dungeon storybook
    • Children and teenagers call for more opportunities and safer environments to play
    • Children and young people’s right to play in public space
    • Tools and structure building training
    • Playful communities – school open for Saturday playtime.
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  • Issue 50 (Spring 2018)

    The 50th issue of the Play for Wales magazine also marks Play Wales’ twentieth anniversary. This extended Playful childhoods issue includes: 

    • 20 years of Play Wales – staff and trustees’ highlights 
    • Playful Childhoods – a new Play Wales campaign and partnership working 
    • Fun in the dungeon – a storybook 
    • Playing in Wales – capturing the views of children
    • Playing through childhood – how children play at different ages 
    • A childhood full of play – parents’ observations on their children’s play
    • Playing out and about – a mother and her teenage children share experiences of play in their community 
    • An interview with the Minister for Children 
    • Using assistive technology to enable play for disabled children 
    • 20 years of playwork training and qualifications in Wales 
    • ‘Yr Iard’ – bringing together play, history and art at St Fagans National Museum of History. 
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  • Issue 49 (Autumn 2017)

    The Play: a healthy childhood issue includes:

    • Mud and Sparks for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
    • Keeping children safe means letting them take risks – Dr Mariana Brussoni
    • Taking risks in the early years – Professor Ellen Sandseter
    • Public Health Wales to give every child the best possible start
    • Play and health rights: making the links
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  • Issue 48 (Spring 2017)

    The Play and digital technology issue includes:

    • Top tips: screen time and digital play
    • Play and the plug: A playwork approach to screen time in children’s play
    • Myth busting digital play
    • An updated UNCRC for the digital age – Professor Sonia Livingstone
    • Screen time: who’s really to blame? – Mark Sears, The Wild Network.
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  • Issue 47 (Autumn 2016)

    The Playful communities issue includes:

    • Playing out and about – Maisie and her mother Katie
    • Playing, striving, thriving – addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences through play
    • Play is for the here and now – play and the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015
    • Playful projects across the UK – Play England, Play Scotland and PlayBoard Northern Ireland
    • Let’s play ball: campaign to remove Aberdeen’s No Ball Games signs – Steven Shaw.
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  • Issue 46 (Autumn 2016)

    The Play – the importance of risk issue includes:


    • Risky play for all children – Ally John
    • Let us out of the bubble wrap – how adults can support children’s need for risky play
    • Wales’ year of adventure – Ken Skates AM, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism;
    • A study: UK and Germany outdoor play opportunities – Ellen Weaver
    • Ever decreasing circles – Gill Byrne.


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  • Issue 45 (Autumn 2015)

    The Celebrating play in Wales issue includes: 

    • Manifesto for children’s play in Wales
    • Time, space and permission to play across Wales – example play initiatives
    • Supporting a play friendly Wales – example Play Wales partnership projects
    • Pre-election play time – Wales’ main political party leaders share their play memories
    • ‘Valuable resource’ - a review of Good practice guide for play and early years: Developing and managing Gypsy and Traveller Sites.


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  • Issue 44 (Spring 2015)

    The Playing out and about issue includes:

    • Playing out and about – article written by 11 year-old Oscar
    • Tips for supporting children to play out confidently
    • Fostering outside play – looked after children and the natural environment
    • Looking back on the Big Lottery Fund Child’s Play programme
    • Review of Professor Fraser Brown’s latest book – Play & Playwork: 101 Stories of Children Playing.
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  • Issue 43 (Summer 2014)

    The Healthy childhood issue includes:

    • An interview with Vaughan Gething AM, Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty
    • Design in urban settings with children and nature in mind – by Helle Nebelong
    • Play and public health policy
    • A day in the life of a playwork trainer
    • What’s P3 like for learners?


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  • Issue 42 (Spring 2014)

    The Playing in the public realm issue includes:

    • The European Network of Child Friendly Cities
    • Child friendly city - Rotterdam; Wales - A Play Friendly Place
    • Commit to supporting quality staff
    • P3 level 3 - the latest
    • Playwork Approaches in Schools
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  • Issue 41 (Winter 2013)

    The Playful places issue includes:

    • Play in prison
    • Play opportunities for Gypsy and Traveller children
    • A more playful museum
    • The right to play – worldwide campaign
    • An interview with Tim Gill
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  • Issue 40 (Summer 2013)

    The A play-friendly Wales issue includes:

    • An analysis of the Play Sufficiency Assessment duty
    • Responding to the research (Leopard Skin Wellies, a Top Hat and a Vacuum Cleaner Hose: An analysis of Wales’ Play Sufficiency Assessment duty)
    • Innovative approaches to play sufficiency
    • Purple Routes schools projec
    •  An interview with Ken Worpole.
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  • Issue 39 (Spring 2013)

    The Play in Schools issue includes:

    • An update about the General Comment on Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
    • The use of school grounds out of learning hours
    • Providing richer play in schools
    • An international article by an early years teacher
    • Play training and lunchtime supervisors.


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  • Issue 38 (Winter 2012)

    The Assessing Sufficiency issue includes:

    • Guest editorial from the Children's Commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler
    • Articles about the Welsh Government Play Sufficiency Duty and the toolkit to support Local Authorities to assess the sufficiency of play opportunities in their areas
    • Interview with Judith Hackitt, Chair of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
    • P3 update
    • Wales - A Play Friendly Place case study.
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  • Issue 37 (Summer 2012)

    The Play: What is good enough? issue includes:

    • Guest editorial by Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services, Gwenda Thomas AM
    • Interview with Peter Gomer (Interim Policy Adviser, WLGA) about the opportunities and challenges facing local authorities with the commencement of the Play Sufficiency Duty
    • What play sufficiency means for different sectors - a variety of perspectives
    • Planning Cities with Children in Mind - article by Roger Hart
    • Playborhood: turn neighbourhood into a place for play - book review.
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  • Issue 36 (Spring 2012)

    The Play: places and spaces issue includes:

    • Play Sufficiency Duty update
    • Developing and managing play spaces
    • Play spaces: common complaints and simple solutions
    • Book review by Ben Tawil
    • Ripping up the rulebook article by Bernard Spiegal.
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  • Issue 35 (Autumn 2011)

    The Wales: a play friendly place? issue includes:

    • Wales Wins International Award
    • Play provision and development update
    • Make a Noise for Play
    • Volunteer and delegate reports from the IPA 2011 conference
    • Article by Marc Bekoff
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  • Issue 34 (Spring 2011)

    The right to play issue includes:

    • Play and Children's Rights
    • Agenda for children's play in Wales
    • Playing into the Future - surviving and thriving - IPA 2011 conference update
    • Play and 'Making poverty less damaging for children'
    • What's happening around Wales? (play provision and development).


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  • Issue 33 (Winter 2010)

    The Richness of play issue includes:

    • Common Sense, Common Safety report
    • Interview with Huw Lewis, Deputy Minister for Children
    • Safe Places to Play and Hang Out inquiry report - and Play Wales' response
    • Why make time for play
    • Why investing in play is important.
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  • Issue 32 (Summer 2010)

    The Play - improving opportunities issue includes:

    • Editorial by Keith Towler, Children's Commissioner for Wales
    • A BIG new adventure begins - Child's Play programme update
    • Playworkers at Eisteddfod yr Urdd
    • A young reporter interviewing Helen Mary Jones AM about the National Assembly for Wales inquiry into safe places to play and hang out
    • Review of Possible Summers: stories and reflections from the playscpace.
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  • Issue 31 (Spring 2010)

    The Play - are we up to the measure? issue includes:

    • Safe Places to Play and Hang Out inquiry
    • Sufficient Play Opportunities?
    • It's our place too
    • People Make Play
    • P3 update.
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  • Issue 30 (Autumn 2009)

    The Play and Sustainability - Why make time for play? issue includes:

    • Play Services and Sustainability
    • Raising our profile
    • Playday events from around Wales
    • P3 available for schools.
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  • Issue 29 (Summer 2009)

    The Play - rain or shine issue includes: 

    • The natural way to play
    • Play and the weather
    • Weather therapy
    • The ingredients of seasoned play
    • Play Naturally book review.
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  • Issue 28 (Spring 2009)

    The Play in the computer age: Play and the Plug issue includes:

    • On outdoor electronic play equipment
    • Our survey says
    • Busting computer myths
    • Potential in Playwork - learning and growing.
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  • Issue 27 (Winter 2008)

    The Places for Playing issue includes:

    • Places for playing - children's chosen play places
    • Making good places for playing
    • Design for play: a guide to creating successful play spaces
    • Planning and Play
    • Play Rangers - making places play friendly.
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  • Issue 26 (Autumn 2008)

    The Play in time and space issue includes

    • Children's privacy,
    • Hospital play
    • Rhodri Morgan on Playday
    • Children's Commissioners Report.
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  • Issue 25 (Summer 2008)

    The Celebrating 10 years issue includes:

    • Single plans for Wales
    • New education opportunities
    • Is 'healthy eating' healthy in a play setting?
    • 10 years of workforce development
    • 10 years of play in Wales.
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  • Issue 24 (Spring 2008)

    The Play and Participation issue includes:

    • National Standards for Children and Young People's Participation
    • Funky Dragon report
    • Participation and playwork - an interview with Roger Hart
    • Interview with the new Children's Commissioner
    • P3 - the impact.
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  • Issue 23 (Winter 2007)

    The Risk and Resilience issue includes:

    • Action on play in Wales
    • £2.2 million for play infrastructure in Wales
    • Do we dare risk providing for risk?
    • Compensation Culture - an alternative approach
    • B*lls to Blame and Claim Culture.


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  • Issue 22 (Autumn 2007)

    The Playing in the Streets issue includes: 

    • Home zones - Legislation and policy in Wales
    • Going out to Play
    • Tips for supporting children to play out confidently
    • New Centre for Playwork Education and Training in Wales
    • Play Learn and Grow.
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  • Issue 21 (Summer 2007)

    The All Children issue includes: 

    • Buddy Scheme in Flintshire
    • A traveller child's story from Belfast
    • The Torfaen Travellers' Project
    • Play in the Mosque
    • Penny Wilson discusses her work with disabled children.
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  • Issue 20 (Spring 2007)

    The Play Spaces issue includes: 

    • Tribute to Peter Clarke
    • Playgrounds - getting it right
    • Welcome to a Flintshire playground
    • Play spaces in Berlin
    • Interview with a Playwork trainer.
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  • Issue 19 (Winter 2006)

    This issue includes:

    • Progress on the Plan
    • The BIG Child's Play Programme
    • New Staff
    • Commissioning Play Consultants
    • Interview with a Playwork Trainer.
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  • Issue 18 (Spring 2006)

    This issue includes: 

    • BIG lottery news
    • Implementation Timetable
    • Glossary: What is Play?
    • Cwlwm Project Update - New Playwork Materials
    • What a Play Strategy means for Playworkers
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  • Issue 17 (Winter 2005)

    This issue includes:

    • Play Wales becomes a membership organisation
    • Big Lottery funds Play in Wales
    • Minister on Play tour
    • Playday Fever in Merthyr Tydfi
    • Mud and Sparks.
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  • Issue 16 (Summer 2005)

    This issue includes: 

    • Play in School,
    • Play Stratey Consultation Response
    • Big Lottery
    • Open Access in Powys.
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  • Issue 15 (Spring 2005)

    This issue includes:

    • Play Wales - not just for Open Access Play
    • Playwork Principles
    • Welsh language and Play
    • Play Risk and Accidents
    • Play and Disadvantage in Romania.
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  • Issue 14 (Autumn 2004)

    This issue includes: 

    • Big Lottery Consultation
    • The Elusive £200m
    • Play Wales's response to the Assembly Play Consultation
    • New Principles for Playwork.
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  • Issue 13 (Summer 2004)

    This issue includes: Principes for Playworkers, healthy children Play, Adventure in Nuremburg, Families and Play. 

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  • Issue 12 (Spring 2004)

    This issue includes: 

    • Play Values Review
    • CSIW recruits playworkers
    • Play in Sweden.
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  • Issue 11 (Autumn 2003)

    This issue includes: 

    • Play strategy recommendations
    • Play Debate in Parliament
    • Play in Holland
    • Ethnic Minority Play Development
    • Rural Play
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  • Issue 10 (Summer 2003)

    This issue includes: 

    • The National Play Review
    • Open Acces Play
    • Home Zones
    • Playing Out. 
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  • Issue 9 (Spring 2003)

    This issue includes: 

    • Play Policy Announced
    • Planning inclusive play
    • The best den.
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