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Play in the media


Here is a summary of the latest play related articles, blogs, podcasts and videos to be published online.

The Value of Play for Youth

This article explains the importance of play for children’s development. It discusses the benefits of play, including helping children to develop physical, social, cognitive and sensory needs. The article also emphasises that teachers and other professionals should advocate for play.

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More parks and waterways in cities could prevent premature deaths, study finds
The Conversation (Razieh Zandieh and Mark Nieuwenhuijsen)

By referring to various research, this article discusses the importance of green spaces for children’s health and wellbeing. It explains that spending time in parks and urban woodlands, green streets and gardens contributes to fewer mental health problems and less heart disease. The article also states that children in schools with more trees and natural play have better brain development.

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Molly Wright: How every child can thrive by five
TED Talks

In this TED Talk, Molly Wright, aged seven, explains ways parents and carers can support children’s brain development. This includes frequently playing and talking to children during the first five years of their lives. The video also includes an experiment featuring a father and son to highlight the benefits of play, such as building children’s memory and imagination.

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Promoting inclusivity in the outdoors
Playing Out (Zoe Banks Gross)

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Why Intergenerational Play and Recreation is Important

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Play, Poverty & Social Justice
The Play Well Podcast (Play Scotland)

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The Enduring Magic of Children’s Gardens
Good Housekeeping (Bridget Shirvell)

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