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Research: What children think of The Daily Mile


New research conducted by Swansea University and the primary school health network, HAPPEN, finds what school children really think of The Daily Mile programme.

By talking to pupils in six primary schools in south Wales, the researchers discovered how schools promote The Daily Mile can greatly affect children’s experiences. On the whole, children enjoy taking part in it, but some felt it was becoming repetitive and boring. Also, some children said they didn’t like it when it took up their playtime. One pupil said:

‘If it wasn’t taking up our play time which is one of the fun moments of the day, then I would do it, because it is during play I don’t really want to do it.’

The research also shows that some children enjoy the competitive aspect of The Daily Mile.

The research highlights the importance of involving children in the design and delivery of similar programmes. Listening to children’s ideas could help to create enjoyable experiences and encourage a lifetime habit of a physical activity.

The Daily Mile, a teacher-led running programme for primary school children, aims to get children more active.

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