A play friendly workforce for Wales

Play Wales has developed A play friendly workforce for Wales to share its priorities for upskilling the workforce in relation to children’s play, both for those working face-to-face with children and those whose work impacts on the places children play.

To implement this workforce development plan we will work closely with a range of partners including: playwork settings, local authorities, Welsh Government, and childcare and playwork organisations.

The plan includes:

  • Clear and concise definitions of the playwork workforce and the play workforce
  • Challenges to address for the playwork workforce and the play workforce
  • Play Wales’ strategic and operational priorities for the playwork workforce and the play workforce.

The priorities have been established through consultation with the sector and as a response to priorities identified through:

  • Play Wales’ review of the 22 local authority Play Sufficiency Assessments 2016
  • The All Wales Strategic Play Network
  • The Playwork Education and Training Council for Wales (PETC Wales)
  • Individual discussions with stakeholders
  • Qualifications Wales’ review of Health and Social Care, Childcare and Playwork Qualifications in Wales.


This plan does not have an expiry date, however it will be revisited annually as part of the annual action plan and a fuller review of the priorities will take place following the next Play Sufficiency Assessment Review in 2019. Play Wales will develop an annual action plan based on the priority areas within this plan.

Download A play friendly workforce for Wales | view online