Welsh Government Play Policy

In 2002 Play Wales was asked to consult on and draft a play policy for Wales.

The Policy was announced in a plenary session of the Welsh Government on 22 October 2002, and we believe it to be the first in the world.

Jane Hutt, Minister for Children in Wales, spoke to the Government:

At all levels of government we should consider the impact of our decisions on children's opportunities to play ... The Assembly Government is committed to ensuring that all children have access to rich, stimulating play experiences, with safeguards from inappropriate risk, but full of challenge, offering them the opportunity to explore, through freely chosen play, both themselves and the world. The policy statement is based on the principles that every child is entitled to respect for his or her unique contribution of qualities and capabilities; that the perceptions of the child, and his or her views and opinions should always be respected; and that the child's free choice of his or her own play is a critical factor in enriching learning and contributing to his or her wellbeing and development.

Download the Welsh Government Play Policy

Download the Welsh Government Play Policy Implementation Plan

The rationale behind the Play Policy  

The Consultation on the Recommendations of the Play Policy Implementation Group provides the rationale behind the recommendations. Play Wales advises that the recommendations are read alongside the Welsh Government Play Policy Implementation Plan (2006) in order to set the context.


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