The Playwork Principles Scrutiny Group

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Experienced playworkers and playwork trainers from around the UK were invited to be honest brokers to read the consultation responses and revise the proposals to best represent the majority view. Play Wales administrated the process under the Group's instruction.

How was the Group chosen?

A number of the group were invited to take part, and then asked to invite others so that the range and diversity of playworkers and regions was represented.

Who are the Scrutiny Group?

Since the process of consultation was finished and SkillsActive endorsed the Principles, some members of the Scrutiny Group have moved on from the posts they then held. We have listed them in the same way we did in 2004 to show the representation at the time the process took place.

Tony Chilton (Play Wales North Wales)
Steve Chown (Torbay Children's Fund Devon)
Sue Coates (London Play)
Doug Cole (Cardiff Children's Play Services)
Mick Conway (London Play)
Perry Else (Ludemos Sheffield)
Lesli Godfrey (SkillsActive Newcastle)
Mike Greenaway (Play Wales)
Jackie Jeffrey (London)
Eva Kane (Playboard Northern Ireland)
Stuart Lester (Manchester)
Fiona Lovely (Belfast Traveller Support Group)
Marianne Mannello (Play Wales)
Jess Milne (Hackney Play Association)
Maureen Palmer (Islington Children's Services)
Wendy Russell (University of Gloucestershire)
Penny Wilson (KIDS London)

The group originally included Elena Stevenson from Scotland, Bob Hughes and Elke Schwarzer.

Mailing List