Use of school grounds for playing out of teaching hours

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A toolkit designed to help head teachers, governors and local organisations to work together to consider making school grounds available to local children out of teaching hours.

It is designed to provide clear and concise information for school communities and their partners to assess the feasibility of making school grounds available for children’s play out of teaching hours.

The toolkit considers a range of issues that need to be taken into account. It includes quotes from head teachers and case studies that demonstrate a range of models.

To develop this toolkit, Play Wales established and consulted with a focus group of head teachers and external stakeholders during the drafting process and used their questions, responses and experiences to address the most significant issues. It also provides practical, step-by-step tools and templates to undertaking work linked to the opening of school grounds for playing out of teaching hours.

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Issue 43 of the Play for Wales magazine includes a review of the toolkit (see page 18)


To support the work of opening school grounds for playing out of teaching hours the templates are available to download below in Microsoft Word format.

Memorandum of understanding template
Play space audit template
Questions and notes for facilitators template
Risk management policy template
Risk-benefit assessment template
Routine play space checks template
School play policy template


'We are working with three schools and each has been given a copy of the toolkit. We have found it very useful as a backup for our discussions as they answer many of the questions that schools have about the process. Case studies have been particularly useful in showing how the opening of school grounds can be managed successfully … Overall we have found the toolkit to be a valuable resource which has made our jobs easier. We look forward to continuing to use it further during the development of the projects.'

Rachel Maflin, Play Development Officer, GAVO Caerphilly

The production of this toolkit has been funded by the Welsh Government to support the developments arising from the Play Sufficiency Assessments completed by each local authority in Wales. Section 11 of the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 places a duty on local authorities to assess and secure sufficient play opportunities for children in their area.


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