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Reporting concerns about the delivery of playwork qualification to Awarding Bodies.

Play Wales and the Playwork Education and Training Council for Wales (PETC Wales) have received a number of concerns related to learner/employer experiences with assessment centres delivering playwork qualifications.

Specifically, the kinds of issues that have been raised include:

  • Assessors have a lack of playwork specific knowledge and understanding
  • Assessors have a lack of knowledge or experience of open access playwork
  • Childcare assessors assessing playwork without experience of playwork
  • Learners receiving little or no tuition or being told to ‘Google’ to learn about playwork theory
  • Tutors / assessors have limited or no knowledge of the Playwork Principles
  • Teaching old or out dated playwork concepts (such as SPICE and Values and Assumptions of Playwork) without setting it in the context of current thinking
  • A tendency to focus on portfolio building over learning.


Awarding Bodies are responsible for quality assuring the delivery and assessment of qualifications with their centres and so should investigate any concerns raised and inform you of the outcome.

Play Wales has sought advice from Welsh Government and Qualifications Wales; as a result we have drafted a template letter for learners, employers and organisations to assist in raising concerns directly with the Awarding Body.

Download template letter

All Awarding Bodies have a feedback or complaints section on their websites for you to identify where to send your letter.

If you receive no response or an unsatisfactory response, you are advised to contact Qualifications Wales who, as the regulator of qualifications in Wales, will investigate further. 

If you would like further advice or support in relation to this please email us.

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