Quality of provision

Quality play provision offers all children and young people the opportunity to freely interact with or experience the following:

other children and young people - with a choice to play alone or with others, to negotiate, co-operate, fall out, and resolve conflict

the natural world - weather, the seasons, bushes, trees, plants, insects, animals, mud

loose parts - natural and man made materials that can be manipulated, moved and adapted, built and demolished

the natural elements - earth, air, fire and water

challenge and risk taking - both on a physical and emotional level

playing with identity - role play and dressing up

movement - running, jumping, climbing, balancing, rolling

rough and tumble - play fighting

the senses - sounds, tastes, textures, smells and sights

feelings - pain, joy, confidence, fear, anger, contentment, boredom, fascination, happiness, grief, rejection, acceptance, sadness, pride, frustration.


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