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  • Families First programme

    In October 2016 Welsh Government announced that the Families First programme should develop services which address identified gaps in service provision for parents and young people.

    Children have a right to play, and whilst this is increasingly recognised, there is still a need to highlight how playing and staffed play provision can positively impact on children and families who are experiencing poverty.

    In response, Play Wales has produced this issue of Focus on play which describes how play and playwork services can address identified gaps in service provision for parents and young people and contributes to the prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and mitigation of the impact for children and young people who are living in difficult circumstances.

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  • Public health professionals

    Children and young people need and are entitled to quality places and time for play as part of their everyday life within their own community.

    It features information about:

    • the importance of play for children’s health and wellbeing
    • play and physical activity
    • play and emotional wellbeing
    • addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences through play
    • creating time for outdoor play in settings
    • the role of healthy schools
    • the role of public health professionals in promoting play.
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  • Community and town councils

    Community and town councils, and therefore, councillors, in Wales are well placed to be play champions for the communities in which they live and serve.

    It features information about:

    • National and international policy relating to play
    • Developing and managing spaces for play
    • Making time for play
    • Ensuring permission for play.
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