Policy Work


At a national level Play Wales has engaged with Welsh Government in the development of its Play Policy, Strategy, legislation, regulations and guidance.

Play happens anywhere that children and young people spend time and figures highly in most aspects of their lives. So as an advocate for play it is important that Play Wales contributes to a wide range of policy debates and decisions - health and wellbeing, education, workforce development, travel and transport, planning and much more.

We contribute to a variety of Wales working groups in order to raise awareness of the benefits of play and to ensure that children's play is not overlooked in decision and policy making:

  • Physical Activity Ministerial Advisory Group

  • National Play and Childcare Organisations Group
  • Children in Wales Policy Forum
  • Physical Activity Ministerial Advisory Group
  • SkillsActive Executive Committee, Wales

To support the development and protection of children’s play provision locally, we have worked to develop and sustain professional networks that span all Local Authorities in Wales, including the All Wales Strategic Play Network. This national network of play development officers brings together colleagues from both the Local Authority and voluntary sectors.

In the UK

Play Wales also contributes to UK policy work – in association with a range of other UK national organisations that have an interest in children and young people’s play or the development of a playwork workforce.

More information about the Children's Play Policy Forum
More information about the Play Safety Forum


Play Wales is an active member of the International Play Association – promoting the child’s right to play. IPA is an international non-governmental organisation founded in 1961 to protect, preserve and promote the child's right to play as a fundamental human right.

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