Manifesto for children's play in Wales

Play Wales' Manifesto for children's play in Wales calls for the Government in Wales to continue to prioritise provision for play. We are asking all political parties to recognise that having time, freedom and good places for playing are of paramount importance to all children, their families and the wider community.

The Manifesto is based on the growing body of solid evidence that supports the long-term benefits of providing for children’s play. Studies show that the long-term health benefits of playing include boosting physical activity levels which helps to tackle child obesity, and supporting children to become more resilient. Play initiatives also benefit the wider community by encouraging neighbourliness and improved community cohesion.

The National Assembly for Wales election in May 2016 provided us all with an opportunity to highlight our asks for play in Wales. The Manifesto was useful to help form questions to ask politicians as they campaigned locally in the lead up to the election. 

We shared our Manifesto with the major political parties in Wales and hope they found it useful when developing their own priorities and agenda for Wales. It has the potential, albeit in a small way, to influence the actions of the next government of Wales.

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