Play and Participation

The children of Wales have a right to take part in decision making processes that affect them. They also have a huge interest in playing - in having time to play and quality places and freedom to play in their own way.

We know this because play comes high up on children's list every time we ask them what is important to them. In the Funky Dragon report Why do people's ages go up not down? (2007) 2,500 children in Wales aged between seven and ten call for us to take their play seriously.

So play is children's priority - their agenda. When we support their right to play, we support their agenda; we collaborate with them and this implies that we work alongside them we offer ideas - we offer ideas, we support their ideas, we have a common goal.


Play Wales has also produced a Participation of children in planning and assessment information sheet and supporting documents. These resources are to support local authorities in the participation of children and young people in planning and assessment as part of the Welsh Government Play Sufficiency Duty.

Download Participation and Playwork - extracts from an interview with participation expert Roger Hart.    

Download Consulting Children About Play (Children's Play Information Service)

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