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Play Wales advocates for children’s right to play. We work strategically with decision makers – politicians at all levels, government officials, local authority departments – to influence and inform decisions that will have an impact on children and young people's play. 

We work with regional and local play officers and organisations within the public and the voluntary sector to support the provision of play opportunities that meet the wide range of play needs of children and young people.

Play Wales works towards and collaborates with other organisations to support the creation of playful and inclusive play provision where all children and young people can play.  

We work with partners to support the upskilling of the play workforce in Wales through developing qualifications, training, workshops, conferences, seminars and professional development opportunities.

We provide an information service to support everyone in Wales who has an interest in, or responsibility for, children's play, and we work with other organisations to raise awareness of children and young people's play needs among the public.

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At Play Wales we work hard to support and provide information for anyone who has an interest in children and young people’s play in Wales. It’s important that we continue to do this the best way we can. 

Please take a few minutes to give us feedback. Your views are important to us, and by completing this online survey you will be informing our future work to ensure that our services are meeting your needs.

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Deadline for completing the survey: 22 June 2018 

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