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New info sheet – digital devices in play settings


Image for New info sheet – digital devices in play settings

Children like playing with digital technology – smartphones, tablets and computers. It intrigues and challenges them, offering entry into an exciting world where it appears everyone and everything is online. As playworkers we often struggle to see how this is play.

This information sheet looks at some of the issues and practical uses of digital devices in play settings. It includes top tips for dealing with children and teenagers’ use of phones and tablets in your play setting. It also provides suggestions about what to consider when developing a digital technology policy for play settings.

While much of the information is applicable to all digital devices, it focuses more on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets as these are most widely used by children and staff. The information is aimed at playworkers, but it’s a useful resource for anyone working with children and teenagers.

Download info sheet | view online

It also builds on the content of our Play and digital technology information sheet.

This information sheet has been written by Chris Martin. Chris is a playworker, researcher, and play activist. He is currently researching children’s interactions with mobile digital technology for his PhD at the University of Leicester.