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Here is a summary of the latest play related articles and blogs to be published online.

How much risk is good for kids? Parents make the case for more adventurous childhoods
NBC News (Elizabeth Chuck)

A recent study published in the American journal Developmental Psychology shows that ‘helicopter parents’ can hinder children’s development and emotional wellbeing. This article looks at the recent backlash against overprotective parenting with some parents, psychology experts and lawmakers calling for more opportunities for children to take risks when playing.  

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It’s Your Job To Love Your Kids And Set Limits — Not To Entertain Them
Huffington Post (Denaye Barahona)

This article lists nine reasons why blogger Denaye Barahona doesn’t do ‘Pinterest activities’ with children – meaning planned adult-led activities. She prefers her children to entertain themselves. By allowing them to take control of their own playtime, she believes that it will help her children develop their imagination and become more innovative in their play. 

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Get those kids outside and let them play, occupational therapist urges
CBC news (Rachel Ward) 

American paediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom talks about the essential benefits of outdoor play. Recently, she noticed that the children she was seeing were weaker than in the past – which she thinks could be due to a lack of opportunities to play outside. She recommends that children get at least three hours of outdoor play a day, preferably without adult intervention. 

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    Chalkbeat (Ann Schimke)

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    Love of Learning

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    Glasgow Live

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    Daynurseries (Melissa McAlees)

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