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Play in the media


Here is a summary of the latest play related articles and blogs to be published online.

The quick Q&A: How to bring ‘risky play’ into your lessons
tes (Chloe Webster)

Chloe Webster is an early years practitioner in a childcare centre in Worthing, England and is an advocate of including ‘risky play’ in lessons. In this article she answers common questions on the inclusion of this play type in childcare settings. She states that ‘risky play’ can help children become more independent and develop crucial life skills. The article also provides useful information on how to overcome fears associated with ‘risky play’, such as legal implications and fear of injury.  

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Children struggle to hold pencils due to too much tech, doctors say
The Guardian (Amelia Hill)

Children in the UK are not developing enough hand strength and skill to hold pens due to spending too much time using technology, says senior paediatric doctors. Sally Payne, the Head Paediatric Occupational Therapist at the Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust says that this is due to a change in the nature of play. Children are more likely to be given an iPad than encouraged to engage in play that builds hand strength and dexterity, such as ‘building blocks, cutting and sticking, or pulling toys and ropes’.

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Even if councils did ban children from playing in parks, most of them wouldn’t notice
The Spectator (Isabel Hardman)

Under new regulations climbing trees, flying kites and playing ball games could be punishable offences at a London park. This article states that even if the regulations were put into force there wouldn’t be much call for them as children in the UK spend so little time playing outdoors.

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    tes (Henry Hepburn)

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    Treehugger (Katherine Martinko)

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