'Conflicting messages' stop children walking and cycling to school12-01-2018

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Parents are receiving ‘conflicting messages’ on safety, which is preventing them from encouraging children to walk or cycle to school, according to campaigners in Scotland.

A study by the sustainable transport charity, Sustrans and the Scottish Parent Teacher Council found that 42 percent of parents worried about their child’s safety when walking or cycling to school and only three percent allowed their children to cycle to school.

Eileen Prior, Executive Director of SPTC, said: ‘Parents often get conflicting messages.’

She added: ‘They are expected simultaneously to be responsible for keeping their children safe, for ensuring they are fit and active, and very often, for getting to work on time.’

Walking or cycling to school provides children with daily moderate intensity exercise. However, according to Sustrans Scotland’s Head of Behaviour Change, unless parents feel that their children can get to school safely they’re unlikely to allow them to make the journey.

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