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Sourcing materials for children’s play - new info sheet


Image for Sourcing materials for children’s play - new info sheet

Sourcing free materials for children’s play, or scrounging as it’s also known, is a must for everyone supporting children’s play. Children benefit from having lots of stuff to play with. Having resources and materials available to play with greatly increases the possibilities within any place where children are playing and why pay for them, when with imagination, they may be available for free.

This information sheet explores the types of things we could consider sourcing or scrounging, tips about how to go about it to increase our chances of success, who may be able to help, as well as stories and tips form expert scroungers from across Wales.

The information is aimed at playworkers, but it’s a useful resource for anyone working with children and teenagers.

This information sheet has been written by Simon Bazley. Simon is a freelance play consultant and playwork trainer who works under the name Playful Futures.

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