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Families that play together are happier, according to report


A new report by toy manufacturers LEGO shows a link between the hours that families spend playing together and their happiness. The LEGO Play Well Report surveyed nearly 13,000 parents and children across nine countries, including the UK, to understand the state of play and encourage discussion about its importance.

The report found that 88 percent of families who play together for five hours or more a week claim to be happy while playing together for less than five hours a week saw a reduction to 75 percent of families claiming to be happy. 

The report also shows that both adults and children feel the benefits of playing together. Parents say that play is good for their own wellbeing (91 percent) and happiness (72 percent) while 93 percent of children surveyed said that play makes them feel happy. 

Even with evidence showing that playing together makes families happier, less time is being given to play. A third of the parents surveyed said that they spend less than five hours a week playing as a family and 61 percent of parents admit that they get distracted by work, house chores and technology during playtime. 

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